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What We Do

​Plant Nutrition Technologies is dedicated to using the latest knowledge of how nature’s cycle of life works. We use this information to supplement that cycle for the benefit of the farmer, the crop, the land and the consumer. We supply all natural micro-nutrient products as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers. Agriculture is a very ancient technology and has come a long way from just crop rotation and letting the land lay fallow.


100% Natural Fertilizer Solution
For Commercial & Residential Growers

A Better Yield, A Better Planet

Food Production for Our Modern World

Food Production for Our Modern World

Why do the great forests of the world grow? The question may seem irrelevant to food production on today’s farms but the fact is that the answer to food production for the foreseeable future of Planet Earth is given to us by the continuous growth of our global...

How Microbes Can Help Feed the World

How Microbes Can Help Feed the World

Microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life process. Microbes support plant health by increasing the availability of nutrients, enhancing plant root growth, neutralizing toxic compounds in the soil, making plants more resistant to disease, heat,...

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