Our Team

The next generation of technology for growing healthy, disease free and pest resistant plants is here now!


Dennis Amoroso spent almost two decades developing environmentally sensitive, non-toxic technology processes and business operations. Involved in Waste Ore Processing Technology Research and Development; Researched the demand for ecologically sound technology for use in the processing of low grade and waste material from goldfields and mine waste dumps in many areas of the world, finding the demand to be effectively unlimited. He led the construction, and operations of the AMPI pilot plant and management team for the research and development of the company’s patented processing technology. He has extensive experience in agriculture as well as mining and is a former instructor at the U.S. Air Force Technical Instructor Academy.


Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Sigler received his BA in psychology and his Master’s in Business Administration. He has extensive background in the Utility industry in his many years with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. His expertise in electric power allows this company to shrink its carbon footprint through sustainable onsite energy generation.


Chief Operations Officer

James Shumard has been in the commercial landscape maintenance business for over 35 years. Owning his own successful company for the past 28 years. He brings his business knowledge along with his invaluable expertise of soil maintenance, plants, trees, fertilizers, composting and more to Plant Nutrition Technologies. He was also a partner of a construction & remodeling company that specialized in updating homes and reselling them throughout the Western United States. Jim also is an experienced fabricator and licensed heavy equipment operator. When not working James enjoys spending time working on his property and spending time with his wife and grown daughter.


Chemistry & Process Consultant

Dr. Leonard (Len) Nanis is a graduate of MIT metallurgy and Columbia University School of Mines. He served as professor in chemical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and in materials science at Stanford University. On the business side, Len is a founder of Seagate Magnetics (data storage) and also of TruFocus (X-ray tubes). A former consultant to major Silicon Valley companies in the fields of semiconductor technology and medical devices. He has patents and technical publications which cover a variety of topics, including memory devices, semiconductor testing, and vacuum coating technology, electroplating, and materials for solar energy. While at SRI International, he and his team of researchers developed a low-cost method for extracting pure silicon from waste materials.