Our Team

The next generation of technology for growing healthy, disease free and pest resistant plants is here now!

Dennis Amoroso, President

Dennis is the President of the company and co-inventor of the core underlying technology on the patent (US10351482B1). Dennis will be leading the operations of the facilities along with Jim and Montgomery.

As a Technical Instructor in the Fighter Jet Weapons Systems Technical Training School, US Air Force, Dennis gained education and experience in strategic planning and operations. He has successfully designed, developed, and patented military-grade products, and has been actively involved for twelve years researching solutions for mine waste and agricultural needs, during which he has partnered with the California Dept. of Conservation Abandoned Mine Lands Unit, Division of Mine Reclamation, the California Representative of the US Department of Agriculture, and most recently the California Representative of the US Environmental Protection Agency to
develop solutions for them including the technology underlying our company, PNTI.

James Shumard, COO

James is the COO of the company and co-inventor of the core underlying technology on the patent (US10351482B1). He will be using his expertise to assist Dennis and Montgomery in operating the facilities and training team members in those locations.

James has a background in entrepreneurship through the running of his own construction company and landscaping business for 35 years. With Dennis, he spent twelve years researching the mine waste opportunity, including discussions with the California Dept. of Conservation and the Abandoned Mine Lands Unit, prior to working on the development of the business operations. James understands horticulture and agriculture and is an outstanding Operations Officer.

Keith Jolly, CFO

Keith Jolly manages and coordinates all aspects of our financial, accounting and legal departments. Keith has a background originally in project management for software development companies in Silicon Valley. He graduated top of his class from the Global Innovator’s Master’s program from CSU East Bay in both Finance and Management specialties where he placed first in two separate international competition simulations. Keith worked as a bank manager and later became involved in venture capital before joining the rest of the team here. As our CFO Keith brings a strong strategic and competitive mind with significant experience managing global initiatives with the most modern technologies. His interest in agriculture became clear after identifying sustainable agriculture practices as a truly disruptive societal change at the forefront of political and investment activities.

Yoni (Jonathan) Feldman, VP of Finance

Yoni Feldman will train financial team members to maintain business administration. Yoni has a degree in Finance from San Jose State University. During his time at SJSU, he focused heavily on learning about Venture Capital, various funding techniques, and government influences on businesses. His work has supported the growth of wealth management firms as well as assisted international startups seeking funding for environmental programs such as the Euro 2020 fund. He has also worked in
Cybersecurity and AI.

Robert Montgomery Tardy 2nd, VP of Operations

Montgomery Tardy is an information technology (IT) professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from The University of Georgia. He works for Plant Nutrition Technologies as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Executive Trainee. He has 6 years of experience as a Database Analyst managing sales orders and creating reports. He is proficient in SQL, Excel, Enterprise Resource Planning, Error Handling, and Sales.