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​Plant Nutrition Technologies is dedicated to using the latest knowledge of how nature’s cycle of life works. We use this information to supplement that cycle for the benefit of the farmer, the crop, the land and the consumer. We supply all natural micro-nutrient products as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers. Agriculture is a very ancient technology and has come a long way from just crop rotation and letting the land lay fallow.

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Possible Breakthroughs, Rockdust and Bio-Fertilizers

Possible Breakthroughs, Rockdust and Bio-Fertilizers

This document is an in depth review of rock dust and the effects it has on various crop types. It also illustrates the impact of rock dust use on various others factors such as water, energy, productivity, and climate change. Additionally it provides a simple overview...

Degraded Soils and Food Shortages

Degraded Soils and Food Shortages

This document explores the overuse of chemical fertilizers and man-made soil erosion. It explains how this has depleted soils and destroyed farmable land all over the world. The recommendation is to return to organic farming practices, and it explains how these practices can feed the world going forward. This document also includes an exploration of how beneficial bacteria interact with soil and plants creating healthier crops and higher yields.

Bananas: Cost-Benefit Analysis for MinPlus (Volcanic Basalt Rock Dust)

Bananas: Cost-Benefit Analysis for MinPlus (Volcanic Basalt Rock Dust)

This link explains a critical case study also found in Geotherapy. Harding Banana farms found their fertilizer costs too high and looked for a replacement. By utilizing a specific brand of Rock Dust their overall profit increased significantly through a number of several different factors.

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